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How will I know what podcast catalogs my podcast is on ?

I did not implement any solution to register your feed on any podcast catalog automatically. You will have to register it manually on each of them.
Be quiet, this will occur only one time 🤗. So, if you register your feed on Itunes podcast and you talk about it on your channel your podcast will be well underway. 🚀

How do I register my feed on iTunes podcast catalog ?

The quick answer :

  1. First, you need to go to and sign in
  2. Once logged in click on "podcasts connect" (most to the right)
  3. You should see a form where to paste your feed url (you can get it on the podmytube dashboard)
  4. Submit it. Apple is making a quick check (it should be good 😎).
  5. Validate it. Apple is doing a manual validation on your feed. Usually, it takes between 24/48 hours.

How do I listen to my podcast ?

Once created, you can get the feed url of your podcast from the dashboard.
Your feed url is something like
Then, the easiest way to listen to it is to copy this feed url and paste it into your favorite podcast app.
Within Apple Podcast you are looking for "Add a show by URL" for example.

Why aren't all previous episodes available ?

Each plan has its own number of episode to begin with :

  • Free plan start with the last episode published on Youtube and paid plans are including various number of episode according to the plan itself.
  • Starter will begin with the five last episodes.
  • Professional will begin with the 12 last episodes.
  • Business will begin with the 33 last episodes.

If it's not enough and you absolutely want me to include all your episodes from the birth of your channel, please contact me.

Can I choose which episode to go out ?

Yes, you can choose which episode will be available in you podcast.
The way to to this is simple :

  1. From Youtube Studio, click on the "details" link of the video you want to include
  2. All way down this page, click on the "MORE" link (below the form 'May children watch this')
  3. In the Tags form, add a new tag (let's say "podcast") and save
  4. Once done for all the video you want to include, go back to the dashboard
  5. Edit your channel
  6. Fill the blank with the same tag in the sentence "I only want to include videos with the [....] tag". Save and its done

Are shorts included in my podcast ?


Where to get my referral link.

Once registered and your email address verified you will find it on the profile page.

How many referrals can I have.

Sky is the limit. You can have as many referrals as you want.

How many levels of referrals may I have.

There is only one level of referrals. If one of your referral is becoming referrer too, you won't gain anything on his/her referrals.

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