About me 😎

So you want to know more about it. Really ? Let's go !
My name is Frederick Tyteca and I'm a fullstack developper for more than 20 years now 😥.

The story of Podmytube bring me back during christmas 2016.
At this time I had almost ten hours commuting a week.
I was taking advantage of this time to listen my favourite media: podcasts 😍.
The problem was, I consumed a lot of them and often found myself without any to listen to.

One day I discovered that Youtube was hosting great shows too.
Shows I would have loved to listen to in podcast format.
Unfortunately there were no easy solution for youtuber to repurpose their content into podcast format.
So I decided to build it. Initially, it was for me then I improved it for any youtuber who want to keep control on his show.

About podmytube

Podmytube is providing podcast hosting for 21 great youtube channels around the world.

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