What’s a podcast ?

A podcast is a radio program that is subscribed via a dedicated application. In fact it is the future of free radio of the 90s without the constraints. With the podcasts no need to make an appointment with your radio to listen to the 11:17 show. You can listen to it whenever you want, even several weeks after its release.

There are programs of all kinds, made by all kinds of people. Classical radios, of course, broadcast their broadcasts in podcasts, but not only. The amateurs also took part. Some have even become professional producing even several podcasts.


How does it look ?

On the left is the “raw” version. On the right the “same” thing under Podcast Addict

Basically, a podcast is a data file (XML). This file integrates links to all the episodes of the show …. Do not be afraid, with the arrival of iTunes on iOs and Podcast Addict on Android, the technical side of the podcast is in the background. It is now very easy for a novice to find a podcast and subscribe to it. On the other hand, it is much less obvious to master all aspects of its creation. And that’s where I can help you.


How can people subscribe to my podcast?

Subscribing to a podcast is usually done from the application you are using. If you know the address you can directly type it (copy paste is also good) in the application. But more simply, the main applications include a search engine. Just type in the name of the podcast you want to add so that your application allows you to subscribe to it.

The search engine is often connected to iTunes, this is why you should register your show podcast on iTunes and get new audience.


Can you convert my channel to a podcast?

Yes all channels are eligible from the moment they are available on a supported platform. For now, only Youtube is supported!


Will my channel make a good podcast?

In fact there are only a few kind of channels that shouldn’t be converted in podcast.

  • The mute channels. If the content is only visual, turning it into a podcast is of no interest, for sure 🙂
  • The movies / tv shows / video games trailers channels. Watching a trailer is nice but only listening to it should lose its appeal.
  • The video game channels … and still listen to a player who talks about his strategy while playing … why not.
  • … maybe I will add some kind of channel that shoudn’t be converted as podcast later but that’s all for now 🙂


What do you need to get my channel to be converted into a podcast?

To convert your channel into a podcast I only need your agreement and the name of your channel. Once the agreement is reached, I add it to my automated process and your podcast will be created in minutes.

I you subscribe to premium offer I may need a visual in a high resolution (1500×1500 pixels) to illustrate your podcast on iTunes. This is an iTunes prerequisite.


Do you have the “right” to get the audio part of a video Youtube?

A video and everything related to it, belongs only to its owner. Youtube is only a technical intermediary. Let’s imagine a person who broadcasts his content on Youtube and Dailymotion or Vimeo, can Youtube prohibit this person from broadcasting it on another platforms? No and fortunately.

That’s why I ask for the agreement of its owner before creating a podcast.


Can I register my podcast on iTunes myself?

You should.

You will only need the podcast address and a valid iTunes account (having already made a purchase on the iTunes store).

How often is my podcast updated?

Currently, the update is done several times a day. The service is brand new so I can not really give a delay because I still have to adjust the different settings.

Can I access the podcast with my domain name rather than a url in podmytube.com?

It will, this feature is in my roadmap.


How do I subscribe to a podcast?

It depends on the application. Generally, these include a search engine to search for a podcast by name, category or language. Then click / press the “subscribe” button.

Am I the owner of my podcast?

For sure you, are the owner of your podcast! Because it’s your fans and your content, if my service does not suit you, you’re quite free to do your podcast yourself or change provider. All you have to do is to give the new address of your podcast to your website and social media.

For myself, having no more your agreement, I will have to delete the podcast and the elements that are related to it.


How will I know how many subscribers to my podcast?

It will, this feature is in my roadmap for the VIP plan.

If you have any other questions I invite you to use the comments to make them to me.