Who am I ?

My name is Frédérik, I am a french, 40 years old, married, father of 3 children and I swim over the web since its beginnings (or almost). From Gopher to Facebook, I followed all its evolutions with greed. I have been working in this sector since the last century (yes we had internet last century!).

Discovering podcasts

I’ve been listening to podcasts for several years , in fact, since I got my first smartphone. It was an IPhone 3GS so I would tell 2009-2010. The first interesting and daily use I had of this smartphone was listening to podcasts. With ten hours a week in my car to go work, I listened to a lot of podcasts and it changes my road experience. Since that day I no longer listened to any radio by the classical way.

My first podcasts were classic programs (news, society, politics) from well known channels (France Info, France-Inter, RTL, Europe 1) before discovering exciting programs including the famous Azeroth.fr dedicated to a famous Video game and animated by the no less famous, Patrick Béja.

Since then, I have followed many exciting podcasts on a growing variety of topics.
The RDV Tech , the RDV games , The Phileas Club all animated by Patrick Béja (yes still him).
The Tim Ferriss Show – an American entrepreneur whose book made me the equivalent of a cold shower in a frozen locker room in the middle of winter (it wakes up!).
Ted Talks – the podcast of the famous TED conferences.
And many others (I will put the complete list at the bottom of this page.


Exciting shows … on Youtube

There are really famous podcasts from now, but even then, their success is less in comparison to some Youtube shows. Every second several days of videos are published on Youtube. With so much content on Youtube you can find what you want on it … and it is great …

… Great, but for people like me who do not have time to watch all these exciting shows. I’m listening between 12 and 15 hours of podcast a week. Unfortunately (or not) I can’t spend the same amount of time on Youtube. For me, the main podcasts benefit is that during listening, I can do something else like  sports, cooking, crafts or driving. That’s what I love about podcasts you only have to listen.

I have long regretted that some of these shows are not available in podcast. Sure, some of them are essentially visual (movie trailers channels by example). But, most of them, are listenable. You will get most of the message by only listening.

Anyway, in December 2016, this regret pushed me to seek a solution. PodMyTube was born !



The (mainly french) podcasts I’am listening

My good old one

English podcasts (Yes, I am listening english podcasts):


And some french Youtube shows that PodMyTube is converting