Podmytube Reverse

After Podmytube “classic”, Podmytube Reverse is the solution for any podcaster who want to be present on Youtube. With Reverse, your podcast episodes are automatically transferred on your Youtube channel as video.

How it works

On a regular basis, a robot crawl your podcast and, when a new episode is detected, this one, as well as the information about it, is recovered, converted into video and uploaded to your Youtube channel .

The whole thing does not require any intervention on your part. As usual, you record your episode, add it to your feed, and, soon, it will be available on your Youtube channel.


The setup is very simple and takes place in a few minutes with this registration form to Podmytube Reverse .

We will ask you some usuals informations as well as the authorization to upload videos on your Youtube channel.

Once the authorization is given and the form fillen we will contact you shortly to verify that everything is ok.


  • Automatically upload all episodes of your podcast or a selection of them by date.
  • Episodes can be upload with specific privacy status (“public”, “unlisted” or “private”)
    • Public : immediately visible to everyone
    • Unlisted : Only people with the link have access to this video
    • Private: only authorized persons can access it
  • Recovering the image from within the file as illustration of the video
    • If no picture in it, a default picture of your choice will be used.
  • Overlaying the episode title in the video according to your preferences
    • Font, size, color, framing


Weekly Podcaster

Daily Podcaster

Fearless Podcaster

9€/month or 99€ /year* 15€/month or 165€/year * contact us
You produce 1 episode a week and you want to make it available on your Youtube channel.

  • We are tracking your podcast **
  • Processing 5 episodes per month.


You run up to 4 shows and produce 1 episode a day.

  • We are tracking your podcasts** (up to 4)
  • Conversion of 35 episodes per month for each of them.

It is well known that there are only 34 days a month ;).

If both previous plans are not fitting your need, feel free to contact me

* price is per podcast
**Podcast: a so-named podcast designates the url of a stream ( an example of a podcast )