Podmytube classic

Podmytube “classic” is Podmytube’s flagship service. This solution is aimed at Youtubeurs / Movie makers who would like to launch their audio podcast from the videos of their Youtube channel and put it on the various catalogs (iTunes, Stitcher, …).

How to transform my Youtube channel into an iTunes podcast ?

You record your videos, you mount them, you transfer them to Youtube … in short you do not change your work habits . Once your agreement is reached, without any intervention on your part each of your videos will be added to the podcast of your channel. Not by magic, but almost! 🙂

The audio files, as well as the podcast (the XML file) will be stored on our servers in order not to incur any extra cost.


The installation is carried out in a few minutes via the contact form.

If you want to register your podcast on iTunes we will only need a visual 1400 × 1400 pixels and your agreement.


Amateur Youtuber

Regular Youtuber

Professional Youtuber

Free 6€/month or 66€/year * 9€/month or 99€/year *
  • Your Podcast includes the last 90 episodes.
  • The features of the free version may be changed without warning.
  • Podcast featuring all the episodes of your channel.
  • Allow submission on iTunes .
  • Your 2 favorites Youtube playlists are generated as podcast too.
  • Premium podcasts are updated in priority to the free offer.
  • Filtering episodes by date.
  • Filtering episodes by tag.
  • Customizing some podcast fields ( copyright and title ).
  • Any mention of PodMyTube in the podcast disappears.
  • Includes all the features included in the “regular” plan
  • Podcast hosted on your domain
  • Coming Soon: Podcast analytics

* price is per youtube channel.