My name is Frederik and I am a podcast addict. I listen to podcasts as often as possible to distract myself, to learn or to get news.

If you are there, it is probably that you already have a show on Youtube. Your show is, perhaps, even bringing you some money.

I will surprise you but I can help you to spread it to a new audience. This is free and really simple .

Let me explain :

The video media is very good when you have time to watch your screen . What about when you’re driving, cycling, cooking, sports, gardening or doing housework ? In these conditions, watching a video may become really complicated .

I’m not even talking about blind people, who are completely ignored as an audience.

Your show might interest these people as well, but unfortunately it does not meet their interest.

And yet the solution is there. What if you can propose your show as a podcast ?


A podcast?

A podcast is a very similar media to Youtube. With some notable differences.

To begin with, the podcast is an audio media. Then, when subscribing to your podcast, a subscriber downloads the episodes of your shows on the medium of his choice (smartphone, tablet, computer). Free to listen to your episode at his convenience, during transportation, during sport, housework or even gardening .

The podcast is much more convenient for people who do not have time or opportunity to stay in front of a screen.

Why should you broadcast a podcast aside your channel?

I know what you’re saying :

  1. Transform my videos into audio? But you’re crazy! With the time I spent editing my videos with care ! Out of question !!!
  2. If people follow my podcasts, they will not come to see my videos and I may win less money !

The first thing to know is that Youtube subscribers and podcast fans are 2 different audiences!

Podcasts listeners search their shows on Itunes and not on Youtube. By broadcasting your show aside with a podcast, you will reach new listeners.

New listeners means new fans and new incomes. Podcasts listeners are faithful to the programs they enjoy. Some podcasts (audio only) make a very good living from sources like Tipeee or Patreon.

Finally, the best example to convince you is the famous TED conferences . All their shows are videos on the website. But they are also available in audio via podcast . If it’s good for TED conferences, why would not it be good for you too ?


How to transform your Youtube channel into a podcast?

You have nothing to do !

Everything is automated. I only need your agreement to start creating your podcast.

Plus, you can test this service with the free plan !

So ? Convinced?


I want to podcast my show !